Chasing the Canyons of America

Day 1

  • Anaheim to Las Vegas (4hour drive)

Just did a round drive to see the lively Sin City!

  • Las Vegas to Henderson (30min drive)

We stayed in Henderson for the night. Had to sleep early to be fully ready for the Angels Landing hike


Day 2

  • Las Vegas to Zion National Park (2.5hour drive)

We have to get up really early to avoid the weekend traffic. (Drive-thru McDonalds for breakfast)

  • Zion National Park Visitors Centre

Park entry was free when we visited as it was a public holiday. Parking is available at the visitors centre. From the visitors centre we had to take a shuttle to get to the trail starting point. There are a few trails in Zion; easy (family-friendly), moderate, strenuous and technical. We opt for the Angels Landing which is a strenuous hike and one of the famous trails.

  • Hike the Angels Landing Trail (5 hour trek)

Starting Point is The Grotto, 5 stops from the visitors centre. The first 2/3 of the trail was moderate; it’s basically walking on more or less 1 meter wide zigzag path with elevation. The nerve wracking part is the actual Angels Landing Trailhead. From the Scout Lookout, the thrill begins. You will need to hold on the rails due to the narrow rock fin with long drop offs.

As the hike can take 5 hours or longer, depending on your pace, bring lots of water and snacks. We manage to have our lunch at around 4PM already.

  • Zion National Park to Page (2.5 hour drive)

As the plan was to visit Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend the next day, we decided to spend the night in Page.


Day 3

  • La Quinta Hotel to Antelope Canyon (15min drive)

We’ve read a few sites/blogs which says the entrance fee in Upper Antelope could be up to $40 while Lower Antelope is up to $20 which can go down during low season. We tried our luck hoping we could get a discounted offer but were disappointed as the prices were still the same. As the weather that day was not very good and assuming we won’t see the great light beam, we decided not to take the tour.

  • Antelope Canyon to Horseshoe Bend (10min drive)

I was more attracted to the Horseshoe Bend compared to Antelope Canyon, so didn’t miss to visit this place while in Page. From the parking area, it will be a 10min walk to reach the Horseshoe Bend Observation area. Entrance was free, but as they started developing the area, an entrance fee will be imposed soon.

  • Horseshoe Bend to Grand Canyon (2.5 hour drive)

And while in Arizona, seeing the Grand Canyon shouldn’t be skipped. Before heading back to Las Vegas, we stopped over Grand Canyon and got mesmerized by its beauty. Truly, it is something photo cannot give justice to. The view is stunning! I wish I had more time to go down and explore its beauty. I would definitely come back!

  • Grand Canyon to Henderson (4.5 hour drive)

It was the end of our 2 day trip in Utah and Arizona. I cannot believe I managed to see all those stunning places within a short time.

Day 4

  • Henderson to Red Rock Canyon (30min drive)

Oppppps… there’s more.. I thought it was the end of the trip, but before heading back to California, we did a quick tour in Red Rock Canyon. As we were tired, we went late so did not really get to explore much. But witnessing the pretty sunset made it worth it!

  • Red Rock Canyon to Henderson (30min drive)

All our bags are packed and ready to go home!

  • Henderson to Anaheim (4 hour drive)

HAPPY, TIRED US! Set foot on 4 American States in 4 DAYS!!!

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